"Si no quieres perderte en el olvido tan pronto como estés muerto y enterrado,escribe cosas dignas de leerse, o mejor aún, haz cosas dignas de escribirse... - Benjamin Franklin

jueves, 30 de diciembre de 2010


Cold wind
Soft rain
Dark down
Gray sunset

Hot tea
Warm scarf
Self hug
Slumbering in the silence
Seems to be loneliness
But is not
'Cause you  so close
so, so near!

You are for sure a prince
A gentleman
That surrounds me with your
Little details,
Precious and cherished gifts:
A new blossom in my garden
A bird concert in my window,
Sweet memories that
Makes me laugh suddenly
And a tender caress as soon as
I leave home.
Lavender smell,
Coffee flavor
Well being!

Thank you Prince!.
One million thanks
(get two millions).

Gthompson  30-12-2010

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