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viernes, 15 de enero de 2010


Presidents Leonel Fernandez and Rene Preval on 14-01-2010

As Dominican, I praise God that our country is safe of this great tragedy, and that we are able to serve our neighbors in Haiti. We are all grieving. The major priority of our country right now is to help Haiti. All our doctors, hospitals, and rescue teams are working on this emergency. The first president in visiting and give a word of encouragement to his colleague Rene Preval, was our president Doctor Leonel Fernandez.
Many journalist crews have come to DR and from here travel to the boundary, where they go back and forth to Haiti, since there is not place to stay overthere, and there is not safety to stay in the streets with many many thousands homeless.

Right now the sanitary situation is becoming risky because all the people deads that are still among the fallen buildings and in the streets.  The rescue teams now are gettings some shots to be safe of Malaria and other kind of diseases.  Overhere everyone is donating food, water and goods to deliver overthere. But the great challenge is organice how to distribute the items.

You must know there is a large colony of Haitians living in my country. Thousands of them are trying to get information about their relatives in PAP. Many are desperated because lack of news.

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